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The Collaboration Band is an extraordinary gathering of veteran musicians dedicated to the authentic playing of soul, r&b and Motown music. Each member brings years of experience and dedication to this music - each member is a master of his craft. Mr. Lonza Bartlett, former lead vocalist with the Platters, soars above a band where everybody sings, but his vocals  are simply in a different category. Willie Miller lends the big pocket of his drumming plus lead and background vocals; On guitar and vocals (and exceptional on both), we have Steve LaValley.  Mark Gonzales adds his tasty keyboards and vocals; Zo Smith provides vocals and the funky bottom. We've played on the biggest and smallest stages, for thousands and for handfuls. We know what works, what doesn't, and how to get the party started and keep it going. This is music meant to be heard and felt , and when Collaboration plays it, oh you're gonna feel it, guaranteed. If you stay still during a Collaboration Band performance, you may want to check your pulse.

Here's what to expect if you hire us for your event or business:



That means we dress , look and act the part. On time, drama free, professional equipment , mature attitudes. We do the job the right way. Every time.



Making sure your audience has a good time - that's what we are there for. We can feel when it's time for something slow and sexy, or when it's time to unleash the FUNK, or whatever it is the party calls for. Our audiences have smiles on their faces


Versatile Performers

We are an r&b band (check out our songlist!) It's what we do, so if you're looking for a night of country or rock, there's other bands that do that. That being said, we are versatile musicians who have played in different genres. If you have songs of whatever variety you'd like for your event, get your requests to us in advance, and we'll be happy to play it for you, and play it well.

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